First things first – a nice cup of tea.

Of all the things that I could write as my first post I have concluded that it should be tea. It is the thing that I consume the most of, and although such a simple thing I still get a great amount of pleasure from it.

Some might say that I am a little bit fussy about how my tea is made, especially my colleagues who have nicknamed me ‘the tea police’. I don’t agree. I just like it a certain way (quite strong with just a splash of milk) and believe that there is more to life than drinking bad tea! I also like to drink from a pretty mug, like this fabulous one from Emma Bridgewater (I’m a little bit obsessed with the strikingly bright and scatty parakeets that fly around Teddington!).

A Nice Cup of Tea

Day to day I tend to buy PG Tips or Twinings Everyday for a nice strong brew, keeping single estate and fancy teas for special occasions. My Gran makes the best tea, loose leaf and made in a tea pot – the convenient tea bag to which I have become accustomed never is quite as good.

A nice cup of tea just seems to make things better. It brightens me first thing, injects refreshment and enthusiasm through the day and then relaxes me in the evening. As this blog develops you can be sure there will be a cup of tea accompanying me.


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6 responses to “First things first – a nice cup of tea.

  1. Kristian

    nice to see that your first post is tea as this is the source of much discussion in the office, and yes you are the tea police, I look forward to reading more.

  2. Lovely first post Katy. I couldnt agree more about better tasting tea using loose tea leaves. Thats how my mum makes it in India with the addition of whole spices. Ginger and cinnamon are perfect. Congratulations on your blog!

  3. Mike

    Tea, now there is a great way to kick off a blog and a day. My first cup is always Twinings English Breakfast loose leaf brewed in a super little teapot drunk out of a ceramic mug that my son gave me on my very first Father’s day as a father.

  4. FoodFavourites

    Nice first post Katy – also love tea! I prefer a Clippers organic and unbleached as my everyday tea, although love to dabble in others, loose leaf, seaweed, flavoured etc – hav to be in the mood tho. Look forward to more posts!

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