Kitchen Secrets (my new favourite cookery programme)

Just finished watching the first episode of Raymond Blanc’s new series, Kitchen Secrets, and I thought it was brilliant. For a change I didn’t get distracted by other things (twitter, tea, napping, etc) which is what sadly often happens these days.

Every dish looked delicious – like something I would love to eat, something I would also like to put the effort into cooking and something that was simply stunningly beautiful on the plate. I was particularly awed by the lobster, so I might just have to shout over the fence to my favourite new neighbour (Alan the fish monger) and see if there are any deals to be had on the finest giant Scottish lobsters.

Today, while buying some rice noodles from Amazon*, I came across the book accompanying the series and all going well it will be on my desk when I get to work in the morning! I really enjoyed his last series, and don’t have any of Raymond’s writing in my collection, so pressed the all too easy to press ‘add to basket’ button.

So it shouldn’t be long before I’m recreating those dishes and posting the results on here… Or if I’m really lucky someone will book me a table and pay for a meal for me at Le Manoir. Time will tell.

*These were not available from Tesco online – just one frustration of my first online supermarket shopping experience.

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