Worm Free Gardening

Despite being from a family full of keen gardeners, I have never warmed to gardening. I love the idea of living the good life – growing my own produce and getting something (to eat) back from my efforts.

The thing that has always held me back is my overwhelming fear of the common worm. For some its spiders, others heights or closed in spaces, but for me the greatest of all my fears are worms (and slugs, maggots, mealworms or anything remotely worm like).

My move to Hampton Court means I now have some outdoor space and a boyfriend keen to start ‘growing our own’. We took a trip out at the weekend to Garsons Garden Centre and Farm Shop where we bought a lovely old barrel thing and some herbs. Et voila! I now have my very own herb garden and can officially be involved in the gardening chat at family gatherings!

I have been assured that worms wont be able to get into the barrel… but now have added protection by my pretty Laura Ashley gauntlet gloves and extendable trowel and fork so that I could garden from over a metre away if necessary!

Please do get in touch if there is any possiblity that worms could in fact get into the barrel.

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One response to “Worm Free Gardening

  1. Abbie

    Lets hope that no worms escape from the clutches of a bird as it flies over your lovely herbs!

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