A Splash of Food Colouring

It is a miserable grey, wet day here in Teddington. To brighten things up I thought I would post a few of my most colourful foodie pictures that I’ve taken recently.

Boxing Day Birthday Cake

My mum’s boyfriend has a birthday on boxing day, so she always tries to make a non Christmassy, light and refreshing birthday cake. The cake below is layers of fatless sponge, freshly whipped cream, homemade strawberry jam and fresh strawberries layered throughout and on the top.

Italian Sweeties

I was lucky enough to visit the Salone De Gusto in Turin last October, It was an amazing experience that I will certainly eventually write about. The bright and colourful packaging drew me in, and although I didn’t actually try any I thought they looked amazing.

Macaron Practice

My colleague, and good friend, Emily Phillips has asked me to help make her wedding favours for her wedding in September. We are aiming for 3 beautiful, bright macarons in a box for each guest. Our first practice, just a few weeks ago, went really well and the macarons laid out on their trays ready for baking looked so pretty!

I hope you enjoy the spash of colour to brighten up such a dull afternoon.


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One response to “A Splash of Food Colouring

  1. Emily

    MMMMmmmm I want to eat your Mum’s cake….maybe you can re-create it for our next Cake Friday in the office?? Looking forward to our next Macaron experiment x

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