Every few months our company organises a get together to find out how the rest of the Haymarket group are doing and have a bit of fun. So on Tuesday the Fashion, Farming, Motorsport and Food teams were put up against each other in a Mastermind style challenge complete with the ominous music, tough questions and even a scarily similar chair!

As a dedicated foodie I was nominated to represent the food team, and nervous as I was, I was proud and happy to represent our team. A free night out was at stake so the pressure really was on!

I was gutted not to win for the team, and ashamed that I didn’t know that Gary Rhodes once presented MasterChef or that Raymond Blanc now has a restaurant in Teddington (just down the road from our offices so I must visit!!). However, I did win a Big Fat Duck Cookbook which looks incredible and is ridiculously heavy!

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