Magazines and Blue Cheese

I love the first week of the month in the office, when we get an abundance of food magazines delivered! I love the bright and colourful covers that front the spring issues, and the fresher, lighter recipes that can be found within them.

In front of me I have BBC Olive, BBC Good Food, Delicious and Great British Food and don’t they look pretty!

I look through for new producers, recipes, ideas and to find out about new restaurants too. I’ve already found a couple of recipes I want to try, especially the Gluten Free Lemon and Orange Cake made with mashed potato and the Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya, both from BBC Good Food. There is also a lovely looking Sticky Lime Roast Chicken recipe from Barney Desmazery which sounds like a great way to jazz up a simple roast chicken.

I also really like it when I see some of my favourite BBC Good Food Show producers featured in the magazines. Clare Hargreaves, the BBC Good Food seasonal and local expert, has given The Cornish Cheese Company a great write-up.

I was watching as Philip Stansfield* was awarded ‘World Champion’ in the World Cheese Awards at the BBC Good Food Show 2010 – it almost brought tears to my eyes to see him so emotional! It was also quite funny to see him celebrating in the bar later that night – there were certainly quite a few bottles of Champagne being drunk!

I would also highly recommend the cheese, but would have done before the award too. It is a really creamy blue cheese with a delicate flavour. They have a stand at the BBC Good Food Show Summer if your planning to visit… lets hope they don’t run out of cheese first though!

*Interesting Fact – Philip used to play for Sale Rugby Club before his dairy farming days.

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  1. Emily

    Ooh I’ve made a Lemon Mash Potato cake for my Coeliac sister before and it was gorgeous!! No-one could believe there was potato in it. Yummy! x

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