Katy in (Cake) Wonderland

A visit to the Squires Kitchen Cake Decorating, Chocolate and Sugarcraft Exhibition is becoming a bit of an annual outing for my colleague Emily, her mum and I. We go to look at the beautiful cakes that have been lovingly entered into competitions, add to our collection of sugarcraft kit (mine is currently a little dusty) and we also go for a little bit of drama…

There are truly some of the most amazing cakes I have ever seen. There were a number of competitions at the event including a novelty ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme, cupcakes for an engagement party and lots of wedding and anniversary cakes. Below are some of my favourite cakes and effects from the day…

Alice in Wonderland Cakes





Cupcakes for an Engagement Party



We bought a few bits, were sad to have missed the raffle and looked at lots of amazing cakes but the best bit for me is the drama and tension that is obvious amongst the competition entrants. Last year we actually overheard one woman confronting a judge, unable to comprehend how she could have not won a prize – it took her 3 weeks to make that cake!! For those interested the cake was really stunning, but she had chosen to use very fine green wire for flower stems instead of using sugar or something edible, and so was marked down heavily.

This year we thought we had missed out until we reached the car park. The car next to us was being loaded with what must have been a losing cake. The husband was desperately trying to console his visibly upset wife, exploring the reasons why she may not have won… while we sat quietly in the car next to them with the windows down. So naughty of us I know. We had to leave when I got an uncontrollable fit of the giggles! Moral of the story is – don’t be a sore loser!



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2 responses to “Katy in (Cake) Wonderland

  1. These are amazingly beautiful cakes. You have talent galore.
    I make dessert taste delicious. Ever try olive oil in desserts?

    Follow me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Olive-Oil-Desserts/145347598819284
    Have a sweet day,

    • Hi Micki,

      I wish I did have talent galore! Unfortunately these cakes were all at an exhibition… My sister often cooks an olive oil cake and loves it! I must try!

      Many thanks!

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