Pup-cakes and Paw-fitterols

The world has officially gone barking mad. Of course its nice when people can spoil their pets, but the new dog deli in Harrods seems a little ridiculous. I was amazed as I took a touristy tour of Harrods Pet Kingdom, and surprised to find that some of the doggy treats actually made me feel a little hungry.

There was a beautiful display of, at first glance, what looked like delicious cakes, pastries, cupcakes and chocolates but as you look closer, you realise that they are for dogs! I couldn’t believe there were people out there firstly wanting this kind of stuff, and secondly, being able to afford to spend £4 on a mock profiterole for an animal!!

Pup-cakes – will you choose liver or chicken and herbs?!


So the next thing that amazed me was this stack of paw-fitterols…

I have no idea what they are made of and really wonder what they taste like – meaty?! So with all these treats to indulge, how does the Harrods dog manage to keep their weight down? Well they head to the doggy gym to hit the treadmill!! In case your wondering, thats Beethoven (doggy film) playing on the TV…

Well, they do say you can buy anything in Harrods!


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3 responses to “Pup-cakes and Paw-fitterols

  1. Damn, my springer was looking over my shoulder and read this and has just ordered the limo to convey him there post-haste!

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