The Holiday of Half a Dozen Birthday Celebrations

Apologies for my lack of posts recently, I have been in sunny Florida, celebrating my little brother Harry’s 21st Birthday. He has lived there since he was just 2 years old, when I also lived out there, but for various reasons he stayed and I returned to my beloved England. My Mum, Sister and I, along with all our partners arranged a 2 week holiday out there to celebrate this important birthday with him, and of course to be part of his first legal round of drinks!

This could be a very long blog post if I tried to cover the whole holiday, so I will dedicate this one to the most important part – my brother and his birthday celebrations. We managed to get about 7 different groups of serving staff to bring him cake and sing Happy Birthday to him in their restaurants over the holiday, and gained a couple of birthday hats too!

We spent our first week on the Gulf Coast, on Sunset Beach, and for Mothers Day (its different in America) we drove up to Clearwater to the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. When they asked if we were celebrating anything? “Well, its Harry’s 21st Birthday next week!” So we had Happy Birthday sung to him in Japanese, he got a birthday cupcake and a special chefs hat!

Our next celebration was a big BBQ at our beach house, Harry was rewarded with the BBQ tongs and really went to town! We also cooked some of the sea-trout that the boys caught off the beach that evening, can’t get much fresher than that!

The second week of our holiday was spent in Kissimmee, which is central Florida and close to all the theme parks and attractions. Fine dining was not on the agenda for this holiday and Red Lobster (popular chain specialising in lobster) was on the must eat list – so another birthday song and another birthday cake (a very light chocolate fudge cake) ended our meal.

We spent an evening in Downtown Disney, where we ate at the Rainforest Cafe – our tropical rain forest  themed evening, complete with thunder, rain drops and swinging monkeys, concluded with a fudge brownie volcano topped with a sparkler and a cheerful happy birthday song from the waiting staff.

We hosted a little party at our villa on his actually birthday, where his American girlfriend and her family also came to celebrate. This meant we had a few authentic American additions to the food, including chocolate cup cakes, spinach and artichoke dip and a ‘confetti’ birthday cake. We also had an awesome BBQ full of ribs, sausages and chicken…

I hope you have enjoyed my family focused blog – there will be more Florida food focused posts to follow, but I had to begin with the most important bits. Anyone after any tips on food or holidays in Florida then please just ask!

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