Florida Food Part One – Breakfasts

Our first meal in Florida was had at Caddy’s on the Beach, a five-minute stroll up the beach from our house, which was a great start to the holiday. I had Applewood smoked bacon, poached eggs, fresh farmers market tomatoes, rye toast and lots of freshly squeezed iced orange juice. My boyfriend’s eggs Benedict looked particularly good, and I was seriously envious of my brother’s Son of a Beach Burrito!

IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is a great value place to have a breakfast in Florida, and somewhere that holds memories that make me laugh out loud. Years ago a group of us were there and my sister ordered ‘Country Steak’ from the menu – I warned that if I were her I wouldn’t choose it, but she went ahead anyway. The rest of us tucked into our delicious pancakes while Abbie poked at what looked like Campbell’s condensed mushroom soup spread on top of a greyish, thin breaded steak. To me, gross at anytime, let alone for breakfast!

We all chose well this time with pancakes, bacon and butter topped with our choice of old-fashioned, maple pecan, blueberry or strawberry syrup and jugs and jugs of coffee.

We saved up the rest of our eating capacity for lunches and dinners, buying in fresh fruit (watermelon and pineapple was my favourite), cereal, eggs and toast for our breakfasts… except for when we had leftovers to warm up from dinner the night before!

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