BBC Good Food at Westfield – Backstage and After Hours

Over the weekend we took The BBC Good Food Show on tour to the luxurious Westfield London Shopping centre – bringing a selection of our favourite producers, the very best talent and a little taster of the magic we create with our shows. This post will take you back stage to see what goes on behind the scenes and give you a glimpse of the goings on in the green room!

First we will start with the stage – we were really proud and James Knight Pacheco was a brilliant host over the weekend!

Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi were a very entertaining double act – the audience would have never known the Katie was struggling to get the oven to work!

Sometimes, if I time it right, I get to taste some of the dishes back stage. The one below by the Caldesi duo was really delicious and so simple too – I don’t think I’ve tasted courgettes with so much flavour! I’m definitely going to test the recipe and will share if it goes well!

We had one of our most rebellious chefs we have ever had to work with at Westfield – he threw ingredients around everywhere, made a huge mess and would run off stage if he got distracted… Luckily we could forgive him, as he is super cute!

Little Archie  joined his Dad, Nick Coffer, on stage to demonstrate recipes from Nick’s book My Daddy Cooks. It was a really popular session with little Archie cooking along with his Dad! The book is full of brilliant, child friendly mid week meals.

He even demanded an escort off stage!

You wouldn’t believe the technology needed backstage to put on one of the cookery demonstrations, I have no idea what this does but looks very expensive! (I don’t go near things like this!)

It can be really stressful backstage, but there is a lighter side too – Nikki Morgan always adds a flash of fun to the shows! The backstage team have a huge job and the audience at the front often don’t even realise they are out the back working hard to support the chefs out at the front!

Although just a mini version of what we do at our big shows, there is still a lot of equipment and ingredients needed to pull it off.

Meeting the wonderful Giancarlo Caldesi was one of the highlights of the weekend for me, so we made time for a picture.

I also took the opportunity to snap Giancarlo and Jackie Kearney, one of this year’s MasterChef finalists.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneaky behind the scenes post – more about the producers in the next one!

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