Producer Highlights – BBC Good Food at Westfield

We had a lovely selection of producers at  BBC Good Food at Westfield London – visitors could choose from cheese, chocolate, fine wine, curry sauce, apple crisps, rapeseed oil, sausages, cakes, chutney, olives… I could go on. Instead I will take you on a brief tour of the producers in pictures!

The stands – ready and waiting for the shopping centre to open.

Chiffon cakes with mixed berries from On Cafe.

An amazing array of macaron flavours, also from On Cafe.

The Cassis was my favourite – I love the detail on this.

The Truckle Cheese Company’s waxy truckles of vintage cheddar (my Grandad’s favourite cheddar) and jars of award winning onion marmalade. They also had their famous chocolate cheese which sold out pretty quickly!

Rubis Chocolate Wine was one of the big hits of the show – although I’m not allowed to drink on duty I did make sure I had a taste after hours. Its not something I would drink regularly but definitely something nice as an after dinner treat.

The lovley Charlie from Cotswold Gold, and his sister hiding in the background, selling the finest pure extra virgin, cold pressed British rapeseed oil along with various flavour infusions too – my favourite being the rosemary.

Perry Court Farm make all natural, slowly air dried apple crisps from all different varieties of apples (and pears) from his family’s orchards in Kent.

We are looking at another Westfield London ‘pop up’ in the future so keep an eye out for updates. Please get in touch if you would like contact details for any of these producers – they will be delighted to hear from you!

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