Fresh Pretzels and a Walk in the Park

I got up very early this morning to go and take pictures of the beautiful hazy sunshine coming up over Bushy Park (near Hampton Court). It dawned on me that in my world 8am on a Saturday was early, but in reality, this seemed to be a normal waking time – there were about 50 cars in the car park and I was expecting to be the first there!

After a little walk in the park my boyfriend and I drove into Kingston, where we were to get breakfast, a few bits from the market and then straight home, before it got too busy. I remembered an interesting stall on the market a few weeks back and suggested pretzels for breakfast. Why Knot?

Knot freshly prepare and bake a range of savoury and sweet pretzels and serve them alongside very good coffee and home-made fresh fruit ice pops. Savoury flavours include dill and Maldon sea salt, Kentish cheddar and bacon or simply topped with salt, pepper or seeds. They are also served with dips such as salsa or cream cheese. We went for a selection of 3 sweet ones, trying the cinnamon, roasted hazelnut and my favourite vanilla and chilli, which had just the right kick of warming spice. With a fresh lemonade for him and a cup of tea for me we walked down to the river and made the swans jealous with our delicious soft, warm pretzels.

I was a little bit naughty and while we were waiting (only 3 minutes to bake them fresh), I asked if I could go and have a look out the back, and take a few pictures. It smelt amazing!

I was too busy eating to take any pictures of our own pretzels but I would highly recommend them. The pretzel dough was soft and light, dusted with just enough sugar and spice. If you are heading into Kingston, I would also recommend a visit to Jimmy’s Meats, a small butcher stall offering great quality meat and service to match, and there are a number of fruit and vegetable stalls offering good value too. I’ve been invited back to try the new flavours they are developing which I will be sure to update you all with.

For those interested in my Bushy Park trip, I have included a few photos below.

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One response to “Fresh Pretzels and a Walk in the Park

  1. Emily

    Yey!!!! You got a picture of a Parakeet!!!! Love the pics (and the fact you got to go “backstage” at Knot!! Ha ha x

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