Possibly the Best Shop Ever?

I’m afraid this isn’t a food shop, but a snowboarding one. However, whether interested in snowboarding or not, the format of this shop could possibly mean it is one of the best shops ever. Alongside a great selection of clothing, equipment and accessories, Boardriders (Chamonix) also had a mini cinema to watch snowboarding films, big squishy cushions to sit back and relax and an awesome bar serving beer and vin chaud! That’s not to mention the helpful staff, technical services area, camera rental, etc, etc.

We sat and had an apres-ski drink while watching amazing snowboarders jumping out of helicopters, and then realised we were going to be late for our aperitif and canapes back at our hotel, so stomped off in the snow with rosy cheeks.

In terms of awesome food shops, Eataly came the closest to perfect for me. I went to the Turin shop (the original) but they also have shops across Italy, in Japan and they have a new one in New York. The shop is divided into different areas, and where relevant there will be a fresh counter (more pasta than I have ever seen before!) and a restaurant serving up the corresponding type of food too. There was even a truffle counter, with restaurant serving things as simple as fried hens eggs with truffle shavings. I’m sure they also do demonstrations there too – their manifesto is eat, shop, learn, and it certainly shines through in their shop set up.

I took these pictures there in 2010…

Have you found a perfect shop? If not, whats your dream?

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