Jacobs Ladder Burger – London’s Best?

I’ve seen Jacobs Ladder at a few markets but never had one of their burgers. After a chat with Philip Lowery, director of the Real Food Festivals and Markets, I was desperate to try one. He claimed they were possibly the best burgers in London, and a claim like that meant I had to try one! I was possibly the coldest I have ever been after a day wandering around Borough Market and the Real Food Market, but decided to wait for my burger loving boyfriend to buy one!

Lets start with the bread, a key component of a good burger. I was delighted to find the sesame topped buns were from St Johns, not having ever tried any of their baked goods (yes, I have heard about the custard doughnuts!). I was super impressed by the trademark pig stamped onto the paper wrapping the buns as my excitement about trying the burger increased.

Perhaps the meat should have come first, but the bread really did impress me… and the meat was kept inside a cool box too and generally raw burgers don’t look that pretty! So the meat is organic, from their own biodynamic and organic farms in Kent and Sussex. Which basically means its from animals that have led happy lives, are fed good, healthy food and converted into meat in nice, as humanely as possible ways.

As our burgers got closer to perfection, Steve, (entertaining and knowledgable) popped our buns on to toast and asked if we wanted cheese – yes please! Cheddar isn’t good enough for this burger, only the delicious Stichelton would do, and it went perfectly with it.

The cheese was scooped straight out of the truckle onto the burger…

Rocket and ketchup? Heinz of course…

And it was ready (our mouths were watering at this point!).

It certainly lived up to expectations – soft, charred bun, fresh, peppery rocket, creamy, buttery cheese and a really meaty burger.

We liked them so much that we bought the raw ingredients so we could recreate them at home for friends. I must say, they were nicer at home as we could make them nice and rare – and it wasn’t -3 degrees!

Have you tried a Jacobs Ladder Burger? Are they a contender for best burger in London?


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5 responses to “Jacobs Ladder Burger – London’s Best?

  1. Kate

    Just reading this on the way home, & this has made me so hungry! Looks delicious.

  2. Emily

    Mmm I haven’t tried them but I have found myself on the hunt for the Best Burger in London, and i’m not even a burger lover. So far
    1. Honest Burger, Brixton
    2. Meat Liquer

    Maybe Jacob’s Ladder will knock honest off the top spot??

  3. These look great, but get out in the sticks and you’ll find burgers that match these i’m sure! Pitmans Farm (my local smallholder) Dexter burgers are so tasty.
    I think they are missing a trick by not having any pickled items in the burger, I’d miss a couple of cornichons/gherkins if they weren’t there.
    And a drop of the Ribmans “Holy F*ck” sauce and i’d be in heaven.

  4. Juju

    Today I have tried this burger for the first time! It was lovely! Combination of juicy and tender burger and strong Stichelton cheese is amazing. I will be back for more!

  5. Leo

    Yes, yes, yes – these are most definitely THE best burgers I’ve ever had and I regularly queue in all weather to get one of these beauties. One piece of advice I would give though – have them without ketchup or mustard! Meat, bun, cheese, rocket and olive oil – freakin perfection IMO 🙂

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