Introducing my Food Find of the Week

I have decided to introduce a new element to this blog, a weekly post dedicated to my ‘Food Find of the Week’. I regularly meet wonderful producers, retailers and food lovers, and find new products, books, cool shops and places to eat and drink –  it seems a shame not to share my favourites here on my blog, and by going weekly I have no excuses but to post!

I speak to a mix of well established, popular producers that you may already know and people who may just be in the development stages of their business – I love asking questions about why they came to do what they do, why their products are so great and whether there is anything new in the pipeline.

Look out for my ‘Food Find of the Week’ on Wednesday!

Oh, and just in case you thought any differently, please be assured that I will only write about things I genuinely love/ like/ am excited about on this blog.



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3 responses to “Introducing my Food Find of the Week

  1. How about Blackberry Cottage Fayre, cakes with a secret ingredient, we are new business, (way different to my job) baking cakes with vegetables in. Many of my friends kids do not eat any vegetables, I decided to take up their challenge to get their kids eating vegetables. It worked, they now eat brownies with spinach, such a nutrient dense vegetable, swede, parsnips, courgettes, aubergines, and more. Mums are happy that they are giving their kids a treat with added benefits, kids are happy that they are getting a treat and they haven’t a clue.
    The idea has gone down really well, and now selling via my website and starting to promote.

  2. You might want to try Pipers Farm in Devon, fabulous products produced naturally and ethically.

  3. Good idea! I might start doing a similar thing on my blog. Looking forward to discovering some of the nice things you find!

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