About Me

I am Katy Truss and I love all things food –  shopping for it, cooking it, the people selling/making/cooking it and of course I love eating it!

It’s the thing I am the most passionate about in life, and am lucky enough to use this passion everyday in my job. I managed the speciality content for the BBC Good Food Shows for 6 years which really was a dream job for me. I met and spoke to hundreds of wonderful producers on a daily basis and of course also got to taste too!

In March 2013 I took a big life step and moved up to my hometown in Cromer, North Norfolk where I am continuing to work for the BBC Good Food Shows but also developing my own business Fabulous Food Finds too.

Most of my childhood memories are focused around food – smells, tastes and funny stories. I hope to document them here before my memory starts to fail me as I get older and new memories start to replace the old.

I love shopping, especially for food, whether it be in the supermarket, at a farmers market, a food festival or on the high street. I don’t have a lot of money to spend but have a great time doing it. I would like to create an ultimate list of my favourite producers and shops here on this blog.

In terms of cooking I am pretty good, but rather lazy and  a little unadventurous so am aiming to expand my culinary repertoire by being more experimental and making the most of my beautiful library of dust gathering cook books. If the results are any good you may just see a post about them on here.

I hope you enjoy this collection of a few of my favourite foodie things.



3 responses to “About Me

  1. Great Job Katy. It must be brilliant fun!

  2. Evie Serventi

    This girl can cook!! Well, specifically; bake! Loved the cake you made Katy, which had a subtle coffee/walnut (?) flavour, complemented by a zesty salted caramel cream/filling…mmmm. It looked superb too…very sharply dressed 🙂
    You are definitely in the right industry! Thanks again for baking a cake for your oh to share with his work mates – what’s next!?
    xx Evie

  3. We love everything foodie in our business and get to work with some amazing, talented chefs, cooks, & outside caterers. International and national. Your blog is one I will now follow with interest and am sure will entice us. Thanks for putting this together. GB

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