About Me

I am Katy Truss love all things food –  shopping for it, cooking it, the people selling/making/cooking it and of course I love eating it!

It’s the thing I am the most passionate about in life, and am lucky enough to use this passion every day for work. I managed the speciality content for the BBC Good Food Shows for 6 years which really was a dream job for me. I met and spoke to hundreds of wonderful producers on a daily basis and of course also got to taste too!

In March 2013 I took a big life step and moved out of London back to North Norfolk, where I grew up. I am developing my business Fabulous Food Finds and continuing work for the BBC Good Food Show and BBC Good Food on a freelance basis.

Most of my childhood memories are focused around food – smells, tastes and funny stories. I hope to document them here before my memory starts to fail me as I get older and new memories start to replace the old.

I love shopping, especially for food, whether it be in the supermarket, at a farmers market, a food festival or on the high street. I don’t have a lot of money to spend but have a great time doing it. I would like to create an ultimate list of my favourite producers and shops here on this blog.

I recently became a mother to two gorgeous little babies – Lottie, born in February 2015 and then a surprise Alfie born in March 2016! Busy times juggling work, life and babies!

I hope you enjoy this collection of a few of my favourite foodie things.




3 responses to “About Me

  1. Great Job Katy. It must be brilliant fun!

  2. Evie Serventi

    This girl can cook!! Well, specifically; bake! Loved the cake you made Katy, which had a subtle coffee/walnut (?) flavour, complemented by a zesty salted caramel cream/filling…mmmm. It looked superb too…very sharply dressed 🙂
    You are definitely in the right industry! Thanks again for baking a cake for your oh to share with his work mates – what’s next!?
    xx Evie

  3. We love everything foodie in our business and get to work with some amazing, talented chefs, cooks, & outside caterers. International and national. Your blog is one I will now follow with interest and am sure will entice us. Thanks for putting this together. GB

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