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Ludlow Food Festival 2011

The Ludlow Food Festival is probably one of the most successful regional food festivals in the UK. The organiser’s strict policy to ensure all exhibitors are from the Ludlow Marches area means you are sure to find genuine local produce and meet passionate artisans from the area. As suggested in my previous post, the passion for food that shines through in the town is what, I believe, makes the Ludlow Food Festival the huge success that it is.

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A Fateful French Feast

I hate to generalise, continue to test myself and understand that there are different types of goats cheese – but I seriously detest it. I recently found out, while visiting my Grandparents, that they too have a severe dislike for the product. Delving a little deeper into the history of this shared feeling, we discovered that all three of us were put off for life on the same day, 15 years ago…

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