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Higgledy Piggledy Kitchen Envy

My kitchen is too small for all my things, it just about does the job, but it really is bursting at the seams! I can’t wait to have a huge kitchen, where there is room to swing something more sizeable than a mouse! I’m sure my collection of kitchen kit would expand rapidly, like the way goldfish grow to the size of their tank… I’m excited at the thought of it!

My best friend Lucy’s mum has the most wonderful kitchen… it is all higgledy piggledy and full of gorgeous things, all centred round a warming AGA. I love that things that have been collected over the years, passed down through the generations, things that have stories behind them.

Below are a few pictures taken in Mrs Warwick’s beautiful kitchen…

Is this the kind of kitchen you love? Or are you more modern or minimalist? I can’t wait until I’m proud enough of my own kitchen to write a post on it!

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