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On Broadway

I took a trip out to the dirty east end of London at the weekend to explore Broadway Market, which has a brilliantly eclectic mix of shops, cafes and market stalls. I refer to this side of town fondly as the ‘dirty east end’, as it is so far from the conventional and clean streets of Northcote Road/ Hampton Court to which I have become used to. I couldn’t live there, but love being a tourist!

I was delighted to find the ‘DIY’ smoked salmon producer that I had read about in a recent article in the Observer Food Monthly magazine. I will go into more detail in another post (because it was truly AMAZING) but the picture below was such a great souvenir from the market visit that I had to include it here.

Lunch was a delicious mushroom sandwich from Spore Boys, which is made using a mix of fresh mushrooms fried in garlic and salted butter then topped with fresh parsley, olive oil and pecorino cheese all sandwiched between fresh sourdough bread.  You can also buy all sorts of mushrooms from this stall which are displayed beautifully!

The Polish Deli had a lovely looking stand with all sorts of polish charcuterie, hot pastries and some very interesting mushroom lard!

Italian artisan meats and Cheeses…

There were even ducks to feed to complete the day out…

Of course there is much more to see than I have listed here. Definitely worth a visit, but for a glimpse of what the market has to offer take a look at their website.


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